Analysis Of Allstate 's Purple Purse Foundation Target Market

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• Allstate’s Purple Purse Foundation target market was women 18+. 1 in 4 women will become victims of domestic violence within their lives. 98 percent of the domestic violence cases deal with financial abuse. There is average of 10,000 requests a day for help from abuse survivors that were unmet due to lack of financial funding. They conducted a national survey called “Silent Weapon: Domestic Violence and Financial Abuse.” The survey showed that two- thirds believe that domestic violence is a serious problem. The survey also found that women 65 years and older view financial abuse more seriously than millennials do. Also, Hispanics are twice as more likely to recognize domestic violence as a serious problem among people that they know rather than non-Hispanic people.
• I feel that Allstate did a good job with their research and background of domestic violence and financial abuse. They uncovered a lot of statistics that involve didfferent aged women and different ethnicity. Aside from the national survey they could have went and talked to survivors or local women safe shelters to get perspective about the research as well.
 Build on the previous campaign that focused on starting conversations about domestic violence and in 2014 increase awareness of this issue on a more national level.
 To increase financial support for local organizations, so they can provide support to victims to help rebuild their lives.
• For this campaign I believe their objectives…

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