Analysis Of Always: Like A Girl

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As far back as history goes, so does the separation of society. One would like to think that we are all equal, but examining a group of people, one can always find categorization. Whether it be between the rich and poor, the royal and peasants, or male and female, the expectations have always been different between the two groups. The divergence of social groups can sometimes be for a beneficial reason, but in Always: Like a girl, one sees the negative aspects of what can happen when a group that is meant to be equal is separated. Always: Like a girl shows a clear separation between the roles of men and women, how the opinion of the role of women depends on the age of the person asked, and it questions when and why being a girl became an insult.…show more content…
First, they are asked to “Run like a girl” (Always), and each girl begins running the stereotypical way a girl runs, which media constantly conveys. Girls hitting puberty are continuously exposed to media, and this being the most vulnerable time in their lives makes them more susceptible to believing what they see and basing their actions off of it. Media is not only full of stereotypes and unreal expectations, but there is also a clear separation of the physical and emotional characteristics between males and females. Using the same group of girls, they are then asked to “Fight like a girl” (Always), which, again, falls under the stereotype. This makes the representation of females clearly different than the representation of males, and part of the contributors to this separation are females themselves. Next, they asked younger girls the same questions. When the younger girls are asked to “Run like a girl” (Always), the girls run as fast as they can; when asked to “Fight like a girl” (Always), they fight their hardest. The separation between the two age groups is clear, which is unfortunately caused by many aspects. Girls, starting at an early stage of life, are vulnerable and begin believing the separation between the genders is real and that they need to conform to it. They let their value of their strong and…show more content…
The video makes the fact clear that from a young age, the minds of this society are trained to separate the standards of males and females, making males the superior gender. This is proven when the young teens–when asked to act out activities done by a girl–act weak and unintelligent, while the youngers girls, who are not yet influenced by the conformity of society, do not base their actions off of the gender mentioned, but rather the action given. Society, dating back hundreds of years, has made women subordinate to men. The only true reason why the separation still exists is human nature because of how humans conform and do not learn from their mistakes–wanting to fit in with their society by learning from their surroundings. The mistakes made are known, as shown in Always: Like a girl, and now they just need to be
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