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Amazon has outperformed every other online retailer for the past few years. There is a simple explanation for their success. Their main strength and why consumers choose Amazon is because they provide an excellent customer experience. They call it “Customer Obsession”. If a product on Amazon is sold by or fulfilled by Amazon, the returning process is extremely simple. In my own experience with returning products to Amazon, no matter the case, they will pay the shipping and give the customer a full refund or a replacement for the product. This provides customers with a worry-free experience. There is absolutely no hassle if a product is defective or if the customer simply finds it unsatisfactory.
Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO also makes it clear that technology is important to the focusing of the customer. In Amazon’s 2010 Annual Report, Bezos said, “Look inside a current textbook on software architecture, and you’ll find few patterns that we don’t apply at Amazon. We use high-performance transactions systems, complex rendering and object caching, workflow and queuing systems, business intelligence and data analytics, machine learning and pattern recognition, neural networks and probabilistic decision making, and a wide variety of other techniques. And while many of our systems are based on the latest in computer science research, this often hasn’t been sufficient: our architects and engineers have had to advance research in directions that no academic had yet taken. Many of
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