Analysis Of Amie Thomasson 's An Anti Factual Theory

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Amie Thomasson built an anti-factual theory that tries to accommodate fictional characters as a way of resolving the main problem associated with fictional discourse. The main problem associated with fictional characters is the apparent inconsistencies that exist when looking at the subject of fiction (1999, p. 68). Philosophers have tried to address this problem by developing varied theories. In this paper I examine Amie Thomasson’s account of fictional characters. In addition, I explore the distinction aspect portrayed in her methodology before finally putting her account to the test using a counterexample and considering on her behalf, how she might respond to these based on her methodology.
Kendall Walton is an example of philosopher who has tried to address this problem by advancing on the pretence theory to accept the idea that all talks that relate to fictional names have some form of pretence. Thomasson critics Walton’s theory by stating that, all fictional discourse may not involve pretence. In my opinion, I think that Thomasson’s idea is superior to Walton’s argument because she comes up with a better solution that is less revisionary and that takes the internal and fictional discourse to include pretence while at the same time, allowing fictional names to be used to and refer to fictional characters. In this paper, I discuss how Thomasson builds that theory.
In building her theory, I noted that she has raised objection to the pretence theories of…
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