Analysis Of Amrhein, Lexie Sr ' Flavio 's Home '

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Amrhein, Lexie SR “Flavio’s Home”

Background Gordon Parks is an author and photographer. He was born in Kansas in 1912. He has his own museum called “the Gordon Parks Museum” that displays some of his best work to the public. Parks also has a foundations called “the Gordon Parks Foundation.” Many consider “American Gothic” to be his masterpiece. “American Gothic” is a famous image that Parks took in Washington, D.C., in 1942. He was the first African American photographer for both Life and Vogue. In addition to taking photos and writing books, Parks was also a poet. Some of his poems include The Learning Tree (1986), A Choice of Weapons (1987), To Smile in Autumn (1988), Arias in Silence (1994), and Glimpses Toward Infinity (1996). The piece below is a description essay of one of his most touching photographs that he took in 1990 of a poor boy in Rio de Janeiro.

Summary “I’ve never lost my fierce grudge against poverty. It is the most savage of all human afflictions, claiming victims who can’t mobilize their efforts against it, who often lack strength to digest what little food they scrounge up to survive” (1). In “Flavio’s Home,” the author gives his readers a descriptive visual of what life is like on the Rio de Janeiro. More specifically, Parks focuses in on a twelve year old boy that goes by the name Flavio. The author and his co-worker were on a mission to gain information

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