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In an unsophisticated and extremely satirical manner, Gene Morgan wrote “An Open Letter to an Open Letter to an Open Letter.” In this letter, published on McSweeny’s Internet Tendencies, he satirizes open letters that criticize open letters with a personal anecdote of a conversation he had with a lady in the gym in January. Morgan expertly blends an unconventional approach to his open letter with humor as he critiques the premise of open letters to open letters, encouraging his audience to simply listen to what others have to say. The brilliance of Morgan’s letter is how he accomplished writing this letter against normal conventions and still had a sincere impression. His overall organization plays a large role in this, as it keeps the…show more content…
He shortly addresses the subject, open letter to an open letter, and then quickly changes topics once more. Here, he introduces “Brandy.” Morgan describes his acquaintance at his local gym as energetic, friendly, intelligent, and physically fit. She acts as the anchor to his open letter, as about half of the content of his letter consists of an anecdote about her. As the only aspect of his writing that is conventional, his organized approach leads straight into his anecdote about Brandy. In this anecdote, Morgan gives himself the opportunity to now use his humor as an effective persuasive technique. His style of humor in his letter is blunt, unexpected humor. An instance of this blunt humor occurs as Morgan is about to describe his conversation with Brandy, in light of the tone of his conversation, he says “people are so damn nice in January.” This obviously does not follow conventions for an open letter, as it contains the mild curse, “damn.” Morgan could have completely left this word out of this simple statement, but by adding “damn” to this sentence, he catches the reader off-guard with the kind of humor that would cause a spit-take. He takes a completely normal statement and transforms it into an emotional appeal. This trend follows throughout the letter and the appeals build up as to point toward the final main point of the letter. Morgan places another humorous appeal to pathos in his answer regarding how his New Year’s went:

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