Analysis Of Andie's Life Before Hurricane Ike

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Everyone knows Andie Walsh as the bright and meticulously dressed woman that runs the May I Admire You Again? Clothing Closet. What most people do not know is that Andie and her clients have plenty in common.

Seven years ago it was nothing for Andie to swat at the snooze button, deliver a hearty yawn and grumble, "Just five more minutes," then roll over in bed. However, that week in September 2008 was different because two-hundred miles away a Category 1 hurricane pushed ahead, swelling from ingesting the Gulf's warm moist air. After a third snooze cycle, Andie slips from her bed and flips on the television for a weather update on Hurricane Ike. The text from the ticker scrolls that Ike is projected to make landfall in 24 hours and evacuation is mandatory.

That was seven years ago, and if you ask Andie about the early morning hours of September 13, 2008, she only shakes her head. She does not discuss her life before Hurricane Ike. The life of a 17-year-old prom queen that marries her 21-year-old boyfriend then becomes the mother of four children by 22, and a widow by 28. She will not even whisper that family services took and flung her four children around the state like tumbleweeds caught up in a tempest. Andie will never utter a murmur about her life on the streets. No, the only thing
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That is until the day a woman told her about a community clothing closet that gives clothes to people in need. After visiting the store, Andie saw her world open up. "For the first time, in a long time, I began to see the world in possibilities," reveals Andie. With help from her church, Andie attended college and four years later graduated with a degree in business administration. "The entire time I was in school I was inspired by that clothing closet, and I knew that when I graduated, I wanted my own store," says
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