Analysis Of Andrew Davis's Career

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Andrew Davis started his career in journalism in Spain, as a freelancer. He then got a staff position with Bloomberg and now is a reporter for Bloomberg in Honk Kong. Although he started his career many years ago, his experience was very interesting to me, since he manage to make the transition from freelance journalist to staff correspondent. He was at the right place at the right moment: Bloomberg was starting its operation in Europe in that period, and, as Davis said, “It was desperately looking for reporters in Spain.” He also has many connections in Europe, where he worked for several years as a correspondent for the news agency. Davis was very optimistic about my endeavor. At the end of our talk on Skype, he said that he would hook me up with several contacts he has in Brussels, if I decide to go there. This is a summary of our talk on Skype, which lasted more than 30 minutes. “I was interested in Spain because I had spent a semester there during my undergraduate studies, and I wanted to go back. I managed to get a kind of professional Fulbright: It lasted only six months, was for working journalists and required the completion of an independent project. I worked on the advent of private television in Spain, and how it changed how news was covered, particularly the Gulf War. I did a lot of reading and spent some time at different Spanish TV stations, watching how they worked. Then, I started freelancing. Before I went over, I contacted a bunch of main news
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