Analysis Of Andrew Murray 's ' The School Of Prayer '

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Sanctified for our Sanctification
In Andrew Murray’s With Christ in the School of Prayer, Murray proposes from the words of John (1 John 2:12-14) that, “In the Christian life there are three great stages of experience: the first is that of the newborn child filled with the assurance and the joy of forgiveness, the second is that of transition, of struggle and growth in knowledge and strength, and is comparable to young men growing strong, and the final stage of maturity and ripeness is that of the fathers, who have entered deeply into the knowledge and fellowship of the Eternal One.” These stages suggest progression and development over a period of time in the life of a Christian. To better understand the manner in which development occurs in the Christian life it is necessary to address the subject of progressive sanctification. This paper will expound upon the meaning of progressive sanctification, how it is manifested in the local church, what the Bible says about moving from spiritual infancy to maturity, and the role of discipleship in the process.
According to the Oxford American Dictionary, the words progressive and sanctification together implies the gradual development of being set apart and made holy. In order to gain a better understanding and appreciation of this development it is important to understand its origin and nature. First, when a person accepts Jesus as Lord and Savior followed by baptism, he becomes set apart and made holy in the sight of God.…
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