Analysis Of Animal Farm By George Orwell

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Liam Worcheck
Analyzing Fiction Essay
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17 Sept. 2014
Analyzing Animal Farm
In Animal Farm, the author portrays the evil and backstabbing leaders and the oppressed victims themselves. There are many tales of traitorous deceit in the novel. The windmill was a treacherous plan from the start. All crafted by the manipulative brains of the pigs. And it wasn’t too hard to trick the gullible and loyal workforce either. When the ruler Napoleon starts trading with the neighboring farms the situation went all downhill. Blood is drawn and beloved friends die. By the end of the novel, every rule that the animals put in the Seven Commandments, were broken by the malicious pigs. In Animal Farm by George Orwell, it shows how the abuse of power can bring the worst out in all of us, no matter how cunning, smart, or strong, which is why conflicts arose with the windmill, Napoleon’s trade with neighboring farms, and the Seven Commandments.

When the pigs introduced the idea of the windmill, it all seemed like it would benefit all of them. They said things like that it would generate heat and light for all of them, but in the end it was a deception. They all persevered, spent so much effort building it, but it was found destroyed. Napoleon was enraged beyond belief and had suspicions that it was Snowball, the pig that always was against Napoleon. Several of their fellow animals then confessed that they took part in the traitorous doing and that the ring leader was Snowball. They all met…

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