Analysis Of Ann Ferguson 's Bad Boys

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Inequality has been present since the beginning of civilization. Education has played into this since schooling began; only boys were allowed to be educated while the girls would stay at home. Minorities, such as blacks, Latinos, etc. were excluded from receiving an education as well. Although education has progressed since then, it is seen in Ann Ferguson’s Bad Boys, Conley’s Education and Kozol’s Still Separate, Still Unequal that inequality within punishment, funding/resources and tracking, especially amongst minorities, is still present and even promoted in the modern education system. In Ann Ferguson’s Bad Boys, the first quote is “that one has a jail-cell with his name on it” (Bad Boys, Ferguson). This is the vice principal of Rosa Parks Elementary School referring to a 10 year old student. It is stated that he spends much of his time in, what the school calls, the Punishing Room. Just as students are tracked into becoming doctors or teachers, part of the minority student population is also on a track that would lead them to prison. Schools partaking in labeling students and exercise rules, such as the Punishing Room, are engaging in the hidden curriculum. This hidden curriculum aids in “[marginalizing] and [isolating] black male youth in disciplinary spaces and brand them as criminally inclined.” (Bad Boys, Ferguson). When I was in middle school, the school implemented in-house suspension. It was used as punishment for receiving three tardies, disobeying the
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