Analysis Of Ann Marie Macdonald 's ' Fall On Your Knees '

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The extraordinarily horrible stories of multiple families connected together through love, marriage, and friendship, all slowly unravel in Ann-Marie MacDonald’s award-winning novel, “Fall on Your Knees”. The story begins with Materia Mahmoud eloping with James Piper, who both move to a small Village together in Nova Scotia where they raise a family of girls, all of very different personalities. Materia always tries to be the best mother she can be, and James is a good man who had an unfortunate upbringing, which eventually corrupts his morals later on when he has his own family. Through various events in the story, three basic archetypes become very evident in the main characters. These three archetypes include the Nurturer, the Outlaw, and the Explorer, which all become very obvious, quite early in the story. The first archetype seen in this story, the Nurturer, is revealed in two characters: Materia and her second daughter Mercedes. The Nurturer is responsible, organized, and loving, and is very good at taking care of others. Materia is not moulded into a nurturer until she has her second child, Mercedes. Materia has trouble loving her first daughter Kathleen and is never very successful in doing so. Although she lacks the affectionate aspect of the nurturer at first, she learns to take care of her family through cooking for them (MacDonald, 60) and keeping everything and everyone clean and happy, to the best of her abilities. Once Mercedes is born, Materia gains the

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