Analysis Of Anne Beaufort 's Words, A Better, Product

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English 3010 is an intermediate course in reading, research and writing; it is designed to create, in Anne Beaufort’s words, a better “product.” Beaufort boldly claims that the current freshman writing courses make freshmen ill-prepared writers, incompetent and limited to one discourse community. i.e. bad “products.” However, English 3010 is a course for upper-level students, and the emphasis is on conducting research by drawing from the sciences, social sciences, humanities, and professions in preparation for Writing Intensive courses in the majors and beyond. In relation to the course learning outcomes, the works I have done have been majorly about Discourse, discourse communities, genres, writing expertise, research questions, and collection and analysis of qualitative data. Over the semester, I was tasked with completing several pieces of writing that would demonstrate my progress in understanding of the above mentioned topics. In order to achieve this understanding, I was to review literature from respected writing scholars, namely Beaufort, Bazerman, Gee, Johns, Swales and Merriam. The literature was used to create analytical texts. These texts were to demonstrate my understanding of the literature, as well as showcase progress in achieving ENG3010 course learning outcomes. These course learning outcomes are the following:

Read: Analyze genres from the student’s discipline or profession, including their associated discourse community, audience(s), rhetorical…
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