Analysis Of Annette Lareau 's ' Unequal Childhoods ' Essay

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In Annette Lareau’s study and subsequent book Unequal Childhoods, she examined the lives of twelve children of different social classes. In particular, she focused on parenting styles within their households and their effects on the children’s future and found a direct correlation. Two of the children from her study were Alexander Williams and Tyrec Taylor, both African-American nine-year-old boys. Alexander Williams grew up in a middle-class household. The Williams’ household was typical in comparison to the other middle-class families from Lareau’s study. Mr. and Mrs. Williams took a “concerted cultivation” approach to parenting. They placed high emphasis on academic success and extracurricular involvement, and made sure their child developed the skills necessary to hold his own middle-class job in the future. This included communication skills, the ability to interact with authority figures, and to thrive in a well-organized but busy environment. Intellectual conversation was a frequent part of Alexander Williams’ home life. Alexander and his parents were almost peers when they were discussing various topics, giving Alexander a knowledgeable conversation partner with which to learn and increase his vocabulary. Friendly debates were common at the dinner table which taught Alexander the skill of critical thinking, logical reasoning, and persuasion in an engaging learning environment even at home. Alexander’s parents expected him to directly communicate with and

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