Analysis Of Annie Baker 's ' The Aliens '

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Accompanying documentation Annie Baker is a Pulitzer prize-winning playwright whose works present a charming, quiet affection for human interactions with The Aliens being a great example of those qualities. It is a deceivingly easy seeming thing to take ordinary conversations and elevate them to being theatrically relevant, but Annie Baker manages to do just that in her writing. The big question is how to convey meaningful subtext with the silence that is written and woven into her plays. The Aliens is a simple play about two misfits who spend their time behind a coffee shop and the young Evan who joins them. The play is about alienation and not fitting in with society, but also, on a deeper level, about the gulfs of solitude that exists between all human beings. As a death happens between acts, it comes to remind the audience our own human endings and suddenly the very small things, like pauses, can take on a very strong, haunting meaning. As much as there is space between society and these three characters, there 're gulfs of it between the characters themselves. Again, Baker uses rhythm and pauses as a way to show how we process one another by using the things we don’t say. How we use silence to gauge others intentions. A part of this is to give off a minimalist and real way of speaking. We often hold pauses when we talk to each other - we think, we hesitate and we are afraid. Another way to look at this idea is to think of the characters as aliens because they use a

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