Analysis Of Anoop Sasikumar's Personal Development Plan

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Anoop Sasikumar - Personal Development Plan My current responsibilities include managing technical teams to plan and execute multiple projects within a portfolio. My short term career goal is to get into a senior management position with responsibilities of directing the IT services for multiple portfolios. My main personal goal over the next one year is to improve my leadership and interpersonal skills through the learnings and experiences from the EMBA program which will act as a strong foundation for achieving my short and long term career and personal aspirations. At times, when work is very stressful, I feel totally drained and unable to effectively spend my time at work and outside work. When I took the energy audit, I found that I…show more content…
I also plan to limit my TV/Internet time and utilize those towards my MBA preparations. This will help me get at least 7 hours of sleep daily. I also plan to exercise at least 3 times a week and eat healthy meals and snacks so that I can enhance my physical energy. When the stress level at work increases, I sometimes become irritable. Even though I make sure that I behave pleasantly, the irritability inside me increases and in turn causes the stress to further build up. I have observed that I am least productive at such times. This stress sometime does not fade off even when I reach home and this makes interactions with my family less effective. I plan to take a break, talk to my friends or watch a short video or read an article of my interest, to relax when stressed. These rituals together with staying positive, will control by irritability and enhance my emotional energy. Another issue that I face is my inability to concentrate on one task at a time. I have the habit of constantly switching between my main task-at-hand, my emails and instant messages. This significantly impacts my productivity. I have decided to allocate blocks of 30 minutes, 3 times a day to check and respond to my emails. I will start categorizing and prioritizing my emails so that I can read and respond to the important and urgent ones with a good turnaround time and the less important ones towards the end of the day. Increase in
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