Analysis Of ' Antigone ' Actions Were Just '

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Buttkick High School Debate Speech: “Antigone’s Actions Were Just” While one can argue against the law of the gods and the laws of man, there is never a clear answer, as to which one is superior. In defense of her position, Antigones decision to bury her brother was justified because the laws of the gods, as well as respect for the deceased, triumph over the laws of the state. Morals are often independent and separate from human laws, but they should always be followed. Creon had no right to give an order for Polynices to go without a proper burial. Antigone’s choice to choose her morals, which were established by the Gods were honorable, and are not deserving of punishment. Antigone’s actions were right, and Creon was wrong for ordering such a decree, for man cannot stop the will of the gods. Antigone lost both of her brothers, but only one, Eteocles, was allowed by Creon to receive a proper burial. No matter what shame someone may have caused, they are deserving of a respectful and proper burial. This is especially important, for the afterlife and respect for the dead are of great importance and significance Ancient Greek culture. Antigone should have been able to bury both brothers with equal consideration and honor. Creon degrees that the burial of Polynices is prohibited. Regarding Creon’s decree, Antigone says that there is “a city-wide proclamation, rumor has it, forbids anyone to bury him, even mourn him,” (Sophocles, lines 33-34). Creon declares that Polynices
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