Analysis Of Anton Chekhov 's ' The Husband And The Student '

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Trina Valencia Professor Hopp World Literary Types 24 April 2015 Realism and Modernism Realism is not reality it is a artistic style. Realism is the one that tries to be transparent and to not call attention to itself. Modernism is more about society. Making social problems bigger than independent problems. Modernism is more focused on social issues and the concept of standards and practices. Anton Chekhov shows examples on what realism is in the stories of "The Husband" and "The Student". Chekhov uses a technique called, a life as it is. He illustrates an everyday realism. He does not use big subjects, no larger than life 's characters and no longer than life 's emotions. In the stories "The Husband" and "The Student" it is a subject matter of straight forward and ordinary. An example in "The Husband" is how he resents his wife of having a good time and tries to ruin it. The husband was not feeling jealous and his wife is not frightened by him. It is like a everyday situation. The tax-collector 's night does not revolve out the way he wants. When he sees someone having a great time that he has a certain amount of authority over; he threatens to embarrass her and make her go home. "The tax-collector watched, scowling with spite... It was not jealousy he was feeling. He was ill-humored--- first, because the room was taken up with dancing and there was nowhere he could play a game of cards; secondly, because he could not endure the sound of wind instruments; and, thirdly,
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