Analysis Of Any Hope Of Ever Seeing You Again By Eugenio Montale

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Eugenio Montale was an Italian poet who was named the “Greatest Italian poet since Leopardi” (Hecht). He was a hopeless romantic and that translated into his poetry and was the theme for most of it aswell, and the poem Any Hope of Ever Seeing you Again is no exception. The poem Any Hope of Ever Seeing you Again portrays two different sides to a story and can be interpreted in many ways due to its style of writing.
Eugenio Montale was born in Genoa in 1896. In WWI he wa an infirmary worker and later chief literary critic for Italy with the Corriere Della Sera. He was a music critic, translator and was made a lifetime member of the Italian Senate in 1967. He also won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1975. He died six years later in Milan, 1981. In 1927 he fell in love with a married woman who he nicknamed Mosca which means fly. It is believed that this was borrowed from Ben Jonson’s Volpone. Montale stayed devoted to her until her husband died in 1958. They were married until Mosca died five years later. He also met an American author named Irma Brandeis who influences some of his work, which mostly revolves around unattainable love. She made him feel better through the Fascist years, so when they became separated, he used what he was feeling and put it into poetry.
Montale wrote his poetry during an era where the theme amor de lonh, love from afar, was popular, which is also tied to donna angelicata or angelic lady. Donna angelicata is mostly tied to communication attempts to an allusive lover. His poems are often really personal, including a lady figure with many names, some of which including Gertu, Liuba, Vixen, Dora and others. Some of the influencers for his poems include Plato, Shakespeare, Petrarch and The Bible. “His poems almost always deal with fragmentary experience, the meaning of which is either obsucr or possibly, terrifyingly absent. In Montales Any Hope of Ever Seeing you Again , the last five lines portray strong imagery, which makes the author maybe be destitute or could be seen as the author carrying some kind of burden. In line six the poem contains descriptive words such as distorted and tenuous which “Convey deep emotion” (Bella). The use of these words create a depressing aura in this

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