Analysis Of Apple Inc. Company Essay

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Apple Sullivan University Competing in Domestic and International Markets Abstract: This is the paper for course where we are discussing about the Apple Inc. publicly traded company in NASDAQ, This paper deals about the SWOT analysis of Apple and matching its Weakness to opportunities and Drawing potters five forces and finding out the apple position in each force and the way apple do the international trade and how the leadership changed the apple Inc. and figuring out the competitor advantages and recommending how apple need to over them and lastly discussing about the financial report for the past years . Introduction: Apple is a multinational company, which is first formed in USA its headquarters are located in Cupertino California it main business is to manufacture and sell the electronics. The apple first named as Apple computer Inc. and later then changed name to Apple Inc. in 2007 it was first formed in 1976 by 3 members later Steve jobs went out of apple , But after 1996 apple acquired other company where Steve jobs worked and he became CEO in 1997 from there Apple first aggressive moves have started they added different products to their list along personal computers they invented IPod in 2001 which is huge hit and then later they invented IPhone, I-watch and they had their personal store ITunes where customer can purchase apps and songs, over the world chart Apple remains top place when look at total

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