Analysis Of Archeology : My Own Words, It Is The Study Of The Past Through The Things

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Archeology: in my own words, it is the study of the past through the “things” that were left behind by those who came before us. I think everyone can agree there is something fascinating about picking up an old knife or pot of clay and wondering what life was like when it was created. It seems like it is no surprise that so many people could easily believe legends of a lost city or of great giants ruling the earth long ago. Such legends seem to only add to the mystery and wonder of the past. However, in my opinion I feel that the past is already mysterious as it is, no additions needed. Personally, I feel the true value comes from the knowledge gained when one sets out to learn the truth behind the myths. And over the course of the semester, I’ve learned a great deal of things I plan to apply in my future (as part of a professional community). As a medical student, I feel that being a part of the medical community (especially after I graduate) is one of the most significant aspects in my life. There are many concepts we have discussed in this course that would be of use to me when I go on to my own practice, first and foremost being the upholding of the scientific method. The scientific method was one of our former discussion topics, and I feel was one of the most important topics we addressed. Scientific evidence is the cornerstone of modern medicine. By encouraging my patients and colleages to believe in the scientific method and the evidence of research, I feel that I

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