Analysis Of ' Archie Andrews ' By John L. Goldwater, Louis Silberkleit, And Maurice Coyne

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Archie Andrews. One of the characters where some 35 years old know him and even some 13-year-olds know it? How is this possible? Well back in the day the day, there used to be something called Archie comics. It was founded in 1939, and many people around America were fans of it because it featured all types of genres, including but not limited to humor, romance, crime, and adventures. The founder of this innovative comic was John L. Goldwater, Louis Silberkleit, and Maurice Coyne. Now getting back to this generation’s Archie Andrews, which is from the new series Riverdale, a tv series that came out January 26th, 2017. This was just a copy of the original Archie Comic formed into a tv show. In the comics, Archie was named the “typical…show more content…
This version is the most changed. Archie doesn’t have freckles anymore and he a tall, muscular teenage boy with pale skin red hair, and his love for music for music and football only increases. He is generally calm, but he does get annoyed when he is trying to do the right thing and someone stops him. He must be 15 or 16 years old because he is studying as a high school sophomore. I feel that he is sort of expendable because every other character from Riverdale has their own consistent storyline. He doesn’t know about Polly. He doesn’t know about his dad and Veronica’s parents. He only heard the gunshot. He is actually involved with Ms. Grundy with her music, his dad, Betty, Veronica, and sometimes Jughead. They just need to give him more to do. I guess they thought the Grundy storyline was crazy enough to tide him over for some time. But there are no lasting effects of the relationship with him. This character is often a time shown to be extremely passionate towards music. He has stayed shut of what he heard a gunshot on the 4th of July just so they Ms. Grundy doesn’t stop his music classes. He takes help of Valerie, a girl in one of the famous band in the town of Riverdale. When she tells him about a music teacher shes got in mind. He goes directly to him for extra help. He got rejected due to the lack of written music, so he stayed up all night writing his song, though sloppy and rushed. Instead of practicing for his football game which

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