Analysis Of Are Too Many People Going To College

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Some people believe it is the right decision to go to college after high school because of the benefits that come with it. While others believe that it is not the right choice to go to college because of the debt some students experience afterwards. Charles Murray, the author of Are Too Many People Going to College, believes that more people should be attending college, not less. In his opinion, college is one of the most important parts of a student’s experience. For instance, he announces, “Full participation in any culture requires familiarity with a body of core knowledge” (235). With this, the culture expected to know are ideas like Teddy Roosevelt and Apollo and the solar system and natural selection. These are the basics of society, and this bonds the cultures together. He connects it with immigrant families and the knowledge of the pilgrims and things like American iconic stories. Additionally, while a student adapts and grows, the beginning steps should start in elementary school, and build up in grades from K-8. A typical student enjoys learning facts and eventually begins to memorize specific information. Furthermore, after the fundamentals are taught, people should be experiencing the basis of a liberal education. It will prepare the students for the future and make it easier to adapt to other core curriculums. Murray mentions, “saying “too many people are going to college” is not the same as saying that the average student does not need to know about history,
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