Analysis Of Are Too Many People Going To College

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Are too many people going to college? A question that I would have never expected or never heard of until I read the title of the article, “Are Too Many People Going to College?”, by Charles Murray. College is where most people strive to be. It’s a place to learn and evolve into a human being who will change and innovate the world, so a question like this startled me and made me really confused as to why but it also caught my attention. Murray provides us with reasons, examples, and statistics on why he believes people should or should not go to college. In his article Murray talks about the compensations that come with a degree, the reality about college, bachelor of arts, liberal education, core knowledge, and the four years spent at university. Three particularly points that sparked my interest were: the truth about college, the supposed rewards that accompany a college degree, and the four years you spend at your desired institution. I will be discussing the many flaws that are contained within his arguments and will be utilizing logical fallacies, diction, to describe why. One of Charles Murray points is about college and claims that it’s not all the hype It’s known to be. Murray provides us with an example comparing a young male, more specifically a high school graduate, aspiring to get a business major or settling as an electrician.
He states that he’s got talent and has the skills required to be an excellent electrician,
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