Analysis Of ' Arnold 's Friend '

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Arnold 's Friend
"Everything about her had two sides to it, one for home and one for anywhere that was not home"(200). This quote depicts the life that Connie lives. Connie is a tall, skinny, and pretty fifteen year old girl. She loves to go out with her friends, and spend her evenings with boys at movies and diners. This Connie, that loves to have a good time, is unknown to her family. She lives a totally different life when she is at home. Connie appears to be a totally different person to her sister and parents, than who she is away from home with her friends. Connie is like many teenagers I see. She lives for the time she spends away from home. Even when she is at home, she is daydreaming about her evenings spent elsewhere. Many of us want to live the life that we have away from home all the time, but are afraid that it would disappoint our parents. Just as Connie lied, young adults lie to make themselves seem like a different, more appealing, person to their family. This face put on by many almost creates two different people where neither one is ever truly who that person is. Connie is emulating someone who is doing all they can to live two different lives, but loses who they really are in the attempt.
Although Connie seems to lose herself in this struggle of persona, she does hang on to one thing that she is very passionate about. She appears to be awed and enthused by music. "And Connie paid close attention herself, bathed in a glow of slow-pulsed joy that seemed to
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