Analysis Of Arthur Hailey's ' The Hotel '

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Monday/Tuesday/Wednsday In Arthur Hailey fashion, like many of his books that are centered on a crisis in different professional settings like hospitals, airports, public areas and many others, The Hotel novel is an interesting look at the hospitality business. Making this an interesting read to those involved in the industry and are going through the similar life, like the plot itself. The book is very much about the white-collar, middle-aged man whose career is involved in Hotel business as he finds both trouble and love on this journey at the workplace. The setting takes place in an independent New Orleans hotel in era that, as expected, is field with issues like union, racism, social class divide and injected into scandalise plot setting involving several interesting characters. Most interestingly, Arthur Hailey 's novel has an incredible detail regarding the setting. The book exceeded my expectation as Hailey’s reveals a true feel of issues that come up while running the hotel. What makes it more valuable to me as a reader is the sense of connection to the main character, as I am a Hotel Manager myself. The main character is Peter McDermott who is the general manager at the St. Gregory Hotel. He is a graduate from Cornell University in Hotel Management. With a bright future ahead of him at Waldorf he had been involved with a lady at time when he was supposed to be on duty. His mirage was ended, as well as his reputation so much so, that he was fired from the job and

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