Analysis Of Arthur Miller 's ' The Crucible '

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Matthew Shults
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August 11, 2014
Novel Analysis Assignment
The Crucible by Arthur Miller
Plot and Conflict
The Crucible is a play that takes place in the 17 century in Salem, Massachusetts. As the play starts, Reverend Parris caught some girls naked dancing in the woods. Apparently the girls where stirring up spirits and to escape the punishment of the accusations of being witches, they blame other women in Salem. Later on in the play, Elizabeth Proctor finds out about John Proctor and Abigail having an affair. Abigail soon accuses Elizabeth of being a witch to remove her and to get her out of the picture. A doll is then found at her house and the evidence is being stacked against her. Deputy Danforth is the judge for the trials while the girls begin blaming each other for being witches. Reverend Hale is brought in as an expert witness and first believes the girls are witches but over time he starts to believe the ones who are accused. John Proctor gets Mary Warren to testify against the girls. The next day, Mary testifies that the girls are lying. They respond by acting like Mary is bewitching them, stating phrases such as “Mary, this is black art to change your shape” (115). Mary then states the John Proctor is bewitching her and is under his influence; he gets arrested moments later. Three months later, Proctor is asked to confess or get hanged. The jury then accuses John of being an associate of the devil. As Danforth wants him to sign a confession,…
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