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Analysis of Article Writing Style A credit to the research article was adherence to the APA format. The writing style of the research article did not appear very concise. There were a minimal amount of misspelled words which could be attributed to typographical errors. An example of a misspelled word from the Introduction section was “skilful.” The overall organization was not clearly delineated. There was an ineffective use of headings. The research question and population sampling were embedded within the text which required the reader to search for these items. There was no Literature Review heading. The review of the literature was discussed within the Introduction section. References were listed throughout the research article. Terms or “jargon” used was defined and related to public internet social network programs. Definitions were also included in the Methodology section and throughout the article. Authors The authors of the article were Che Wan Ida Rahimah AKA Che Wan Ibrahim, ProfessorVaughan Prain, and Penelope Collet. Qualifications and positions. Che Wan Ida Rahimah is associated with University of Malaysia Terengganu. The author’s position is a faculty member within the Social Development department where she lectures on the subject of English as a Second Language. Interests of the author include technology and online learning programs. Professor Vaughan Prain holds the position of Deputy Dean and research director at La Trobe University in

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