Analysis Of ' As I Lay Dying '

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The Impact of Silence As I Lay Dying, is a novel written by William Cuthbert Faulkner, where a poor southern family named the Burdens set off on a journey through 1920’s Mississippi to bury their recently deceased mother Addie Bundren. Before, Addie Bundren passes away she makes her husband Anse promise to bury her in her hometown of Jefferson, Mississippi. This is a large task as the Burden family is located in Yoknapatawhpha County, Mississippi and they must make the rough journey to give their mother her final wish. The Burden family is comprised of Addie Bundren and her husband Anse Bundren as well as their children Darl, Jewel, Cash, Vardaman, Dewey Dell, and Cash. They each have their own problems and this journey allows each of their personal dilemmas to be expressed through everyone’s part as a narrator in the novel. The stream of consciousness writing style that William Cuthbert Fauklkner uses to show the various situations the family encounters on their journey as well as show how each character develops through the novel. Addie Burden is the mother of the family and in most cultures the “head of the house.” She keeps everything running and is the reason that the family is a family. In As I Lay Dying, Addie Bundren, who does not appear nor talk much in the novel, plays a significant role in the development of her children Darl, Jewel, and Vardaman as they venture out on their journey to give their recently deceased mother her last wish to be buried in her
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