Analysis Of Ashby School Psychology Department

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i) Primary Data
I decided not to carry out questionnaires after my talk with the Ashby School Psychology department this is because it would not analyse the information that was required and would assist me further into depthening my research into the equity of both counterparts.
Interview: (With Maria Bertelli, Team GB, Volleyball player, Sheffield, 16/11/14)
Marias knowledge within the sporting industry was spot on. Her role of being team captain ensured that she had to deal with all of the problems that arise first hand. She provided me with the story of how herself and fellow athletes suffered from a major funding cut just before they were due to go to the 2012 Olympics and how they got their in the end. She also shared her views on how she felt the equity between both the counterparts were equal. By interviewing her I knew that the information that I was getting was reliable and she would be able to express real life situations which would help me too evaluate further into my research. I chose to interview her as she was at one of my conferences that I went to last year, I took it upon myself to try and arrange an interview. Before the interview I did some research behind her to find out that actually she is in fact one of the athlete mentors which have to assist and develop people’s ability to get past the stages that might hold them back and too persevere into getting and performing where they want too perform.
Interview; (With Lizzie…
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