Analysis Of Atonement By The Novel Atonement Essay

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The novel Atonement tells the story of a woman desperately trying to make for her past mistakes. The story starts off in the world war two period with the three main characters, Briony, Robbie and Cecelia, as children and young adults. Robbie comes from the poor Turner Family, while Briony and Cecilia are sisters in the powerful and wealthy Tallis Family. After observing a set of peculiar and awkward encounters between Robbie and Cecilia, Briony wrongly assumes Robbie as an evil character. After Paul, a rich sociopath invited to the dinner, rapes Lola, a cousin of the Tallises, Briony immediately assumes that the culprit is none other than Robbie and publicly accuses him. Robbie is sent off to prison, and then world war two to end his imprisonment. Robbie and Cecelia still stay in touch through letters. Robbie bravely survives the war and returns home to Cecelia after several failed attempts and encounters. Briony’s apology attempts are shunned by the reunited couple as they live on peacefully. However, the shock ending in the epilogue reveals that the whole narrative was authored by Briony herself and not by an unknown narrator. She states that both of the couple died before ever meeting each other after separation and feels responsible. The publishing of this story where their love lasts in peace is simply Briony’s way of achieving atonement. Much of the story and most of Briony’s guilt hinges on the deep, strong love between Robbie and Cecelia. However, their love is a

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