Analysis Of ' Atticus 's '

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Chapter One:
- Small poor town, Atticus has two children and they are poor but not very poor
- Because Boo Radley has been in his house for 15 years, and there are some legends about him
- It is from Scouts point of view over the 1 -1.5 years scout also speaks in a slang American tone
Chapter two:
- Because she hasn’t been to school before
- Scout can read well and Jem can’t read very well, also Jem doesn’t want Scout to embarrass him
- She isn’t a very nice teacher its always her way and she doesn’t want anyone opinion.
Chapter Three:
- She is the caretaker in the Finch’s house.
- Don’t judge a book by its cover and get there point of view before you make a decision
- They are very poor and don’t accept charity’s
Chapter Four:
- That he lives on rats, he leave out lolly’s that are poisoned for the children
- Because they are bored
- Boo Radley was probably watching them.
Chapter Five:
- She wore an old straw hat and men’s coveralls making her not a typical woman.
- She tells scout to respect Boo because he isn’t like the legend. And it’s different to her believes because she believed in the legend.
- Atticus says this because they should respect him
Chapter Six:
- Scout is worried about going against her father’s words. To respected everyone equally
- Anyone on his land would be shot e.g. Dog, Children, Etc.
Chapter Seven:
- Because Jem’s pants where torn on the fence when the kids where running from the house an when Jem went back the pants were sown and waiting for…
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