Analysis Of Awake And Dreaming By Kit Pearson

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In this novel Awake and Dreaming by Kit Pearson It talks about a little nine-year-old girl Theo, and her mother Rae who are living together and are a very poor and un-wealthy family. Theo is not your typical child during her spare time, she likes to be alone and curl up to a good book if not she is always daydreaming about unrealistic things. Even if Theo tried making friends they wouldn’t last long since she always moved schools and switched apartments. Her mother was a smoker and waisted all their money on clothing and expensive accessories. There was nothing about Theo’s life that was normal no loving parents to come to after school, no clean clothes, and no toys so she made up her own fantasy. The perfect functioning family she had 2 loving…show more content…
In her mind the perfect family was coming home to fresh clean clothes a buffet full of food ant to parents that would love her unconditionally but in the world that we live in today that is not possible. “She had spent all that happy time with the family in the sort of magic adventure that happened in books. Then, for some reason, the magic had ended and she’d been back on the fairy again at the same moment she’d left” (Pearson page). This quote shows that dreams never last and need to face reality before they get lost in their own word. “Then one day, on the ferry to Victoria to meet her Aunt Sharon, Theo somehow wakes up with a loving family of her own.” ( This quote shows that all the dreams that she was having were just in her head of unrealistic thoughts. This is problematic because she does not have real family anymore and she does not know what it feels like to have a loving mother to care for her and any type of love in her family. She cannot tell what is real or not anymore. When reality comes in to terms with something that you love but cannot have. “we hope the magic will hold for this child “who weeps inside herself” (Quill and Quire). Theo lost many things but she just needed someone to be there for her but she has nothing no friends, no parents and nothing to call her own which keeps her always trying to fit into somewhere where she does not
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