Analysis Of Ayn Rand 's ' Anthem '

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Totalitarianism is a type of political system in which the government controls everything. There are no limits to the government’s authority as it strives to keep everything and everyone equal. Totalitarianism plays a big role in the novel Anthem, where everyone is restricted and ruled by the government with no opinion or way out. People who are determined do their best to outsmart the government but most fail because they eventually just give in. However, this is tested when the main character in Anthem, Equality, starts realizing what the government is doing to them is wrong. He starts building on a mind of his own, educating himself in order to surpass the limitations imposed by his government. He works in secret to discover new ways to improve the way they live. He is able to work in secret for a significant amount of time, but his actions are eventually discovered. Once this happens his ideas are judged and threatened with destruction because they pose a threat to the uniform order of the society. Ayn Rand analyzes the concepts of uniformity, individuality, and rebellion throughout her dystopian novel Anthem to argue that totalitarianism is harmful the population.
One of the main focuses of society that advocates totalitarianism is uniformity. A society such as this works towards uniformity by oppressing its population’s individuality and promotes a standardized environment. In this environment citizens are restricted in every way of life to ensure that no one has more…

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