Analysis Of Ayn Rand 's ' The Fountainhead '

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Blake Stawar
Ms. Haskins
Honors American Literature
27 October 2017
Objectivism in The Fountainhead Not many authors create philosophies to include in their novels, but Ayn Rand did. Ayn Rand used her philosophy in the main characters and influenced American society during the Cold War with her novel The Fountainhead. Through the actions of the protagonist Howard Roark, Ayn Rand demonstrates her philosophy of objectivism and her belief in individualism which reflect her opposition towards communism. Ayn Rand was born in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1905 under the name Alissa Rosenbaum (“Ayn”). Around the time of Rand’s childhood, Communism had taken over in Russia. During the Russian Revolution, Rand and her family lost many of their
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“In the bitter civil conflict, millions died; the destruction was extraordinary, and the reconstruction therefore had to be slow and painful. Famine ravaged the land” (“Soviet” 2395). It may have been these post-war conditions that fueled Ayn Rand’s opposition towards Communism. The Bolsheviks “took it for granted that they were acting in the interest of the people even if the ‘people’ did not understand their own interests. The repression of ideas and opponents started at the very moment of the creation of the regime” (“Soviet” 2395). The Bolsheviks suspended all trade once they took over (“Soviet” 2396). In the late 1920’s, Joseph Stalin forced peasants to join collective farms (“Soviet” 2396).
The Fountainhead greatly influenced American beliefs during the time in which it was written. The Fountainhead was published just before the start of the Cold War. The Fountainhead uses a promotion of individualism and a rejection of collectivism to show Rand’s opposition towards Communism. When people in the United States read the book, it fueled, in part, Americans opposition towards Communism. Some people believe that Rand’s pro-capitalist views in her writing may have helped influence the collapse of the Berlin Wall (“Ayn”).
Rand used her philosophy of objectivism in her writing and in The Fountainhead. Objectivism stresses the importance of individuality and rejects collectivism (“Objectivism” 7). According to this philosophy, humans have free will and

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