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Summary of B Company 's BSG Performance According to the Footwear Industry Year 15 Report, B Company came in the last place out of the six participating teams in the Business Strategy Game (BSG). Unfortunately, we struggled with not expressing our opinions in the decision-making process. Therefore, the group could not meet the Investor Expectation Score (I.E.) 78, which the team ended with 62. In addition to this, B Company is not the best performing firm in the industry because we did not receive a score of 100 in all five measures (ROE, ESP, image rating, stock price, and an A+ credit rating). On the other hand, out of the five performance metrics, the team received in Y2014 an A+ credit rating but went down to an A- in Y2015. As for…show more content…
These options are costly, and a company can put this money towards hiring celebrities to expand the brand. We did very well in this area and won an award for Y2014 and moved to second place in Y2015.
The second lesson learned was continue to upgrade plants as well as building more facilities in Asia because of the global demand and our projections.
Thirdly, it was no surprise that the winning team Feel-Fasters exceeded their annual EPS performances. This firm dominated every year and had the largest percentages among the six groups, which they met expectations in five areas.
During weeks 7 and 8, the group learned that any strategy could win the game as long as our costs are low. As a matter of fact, it 's about maximizing profits, and we should have focused on our market share as well as advertising. For example, if we would have kept our cost down and used that money for publicity, then it would have increased our profits.
B Company 's Performance Targets The company ended in the last place, and we know that there are areas of opportunities. In spite of this, out of the five performance areas, our weighted average scores were above the investor expected standards for Y2015. On the other hand, we never meet the image rating score of 70, and our EPS fell

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