Analysis Of Bacon 's Rebellion Was Led By Nathaniel Bacon Essay

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The first rebellion in the colonies; Bacon’s Rebellion, has had many political, social and economic effects that are still prominent in our society today. Bacon’s Rebellion was a result of the growing resentment between settlers and colonial governors, who granted special privileges to their favorites and deprived freemen of their rights. People of all classes and racial backgrounds were able to unite against their common enemies; the powerful and wealthy planters. Bacon’s rebellion was led by Nathaniel Bacon, a man who was going after his own agenda driven by envy and ambition. Nevertheless, Bacon’s rebellion created a new American culture and introduced a brand new system of oppression. The complex event shaped the lives of natives, African Americans, and hid the oppression of lower class white people. This crucial event will come to change how American society views class, race and justice. Bacon’s rebellion was the first rebellion in the American colonies. Historians have long disputed weather bacon’s rebellion was a rebellion that sought liberty or if it was merely driven by the ambition and greed of Bacon himself. After careful consideration, it seems that Bacon’s rebellion seems to be more about two men’s need for power rather than an honorable rebellion seeking to restore justice within the colonies. Bacon didn’t care about the needs of the poor whites but sought the same power as the elites and those at the house of Burgess. Despite his misguided intentions,

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