Analysis Of Balzac And The Little Chinese Seamstress Essay

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In Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress, written by Dai Sijie, Luo, his best friend the narrator, and the titular Little Seamstress acquire a briefcase full of books. These Western Romantic books, previously denied to the main characters by the Cultural Revolution, allow the main characters to gain something that they had previously been denied: education. As he reads these books, his language moves from the sparse way of speaking to the thoroughly Romantic language it becomes at the book’s apex. The narrator’s language becomes significantly more Romantic as the story progresses.
To establish a contrast, in the very beginning of the book, the narrator 's language is short and sparse: "I played for some time. Luo lit a cigarette and smoked quietly, like a man, “(Sijie 6). When he plays for the headman, keeping his violin, this is a significant event. His sentence structure, however, is surprisingly sparse, consisting of only one subject, one verb, and at most one clause, clearly demonstrates just how sparse his language is. His words also don’t get more complicated than “cigarette”, demonstrating how limited his vocabulary is as well. Even more powerfully, when Luo begins coming down with malaria, "I found a fag end in the bottom of my pocket, which I lit and offered to him. But it slipped from his fingers at once and fell to the ground. "(35). After trying to whip him warm, the narrator tries to offer him a cigarette and fails because Luo is too sick. The narrator is
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