Analysis Of ' Barn Burning ' And ' Garden Party '

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When does one come of age? This question has been answered and dictated by different cultures from the beginning of time. Is there a certain number of years? Does one have to participate in an event or ceremony? Is there a moment of revelation where one suddenly feels different? The stories of “Barn Burning” and “Garden Party” both offer stories where the protagonist “comes of age.” These tales bring the readers along and has them experience the trials and self-realizing experiences with the characters. The authors ' desire to bring the reader 's attention to the different ways which we as individuals can experience our “coming of age.” The tale of “The Garden Party” has been marked as a “most nearly flawless short story”. (Kleine)…show more content…
Laura proposes a halt of the party in respect of the family to which the rest of the family object. Laura is swayed from her stance on the party by an appeal to her vanity, but an inner battle begins between the light view of life her family and she held and the one of darkness with which she was confronted with. The party passed in a whirlwind of delight, and the afternoon slowly ends. As the Sheridans group together, Laura 's father returns to the subject of the dead neighbor. To Laura 's dismay, Mrs. Sheridan brightly suggests that Laura bring some party scraps to the grieving family.(Rich) This shows to the audience that Mrs. Sheridan refuses to abandon her view of the world, and that the people around her are just second class citizens who only deserve an afterthought, if one at all.(Kleine) Laden with leftovers and still adorned in her party attire, Laura crosses the broad street which separated the Sheridan 's property from the decrepit, crowded dwellings of the local poor. Down a narrow, dank,and dark alleyway she finds the deceased 's home and is brought by the widow 's sister to view the corpse. Alone with the dead man, Laura is overwhelmed by the peaceful beauty of the man and through her tears says, "Forgive my
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