Analysis Of ' Barn Burning ' By William Faulkner

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Honesty over Loyalty In “Barn Burning” by William Faulkner, loyalty plays as the major theme. Sarty’s family firmly believes in family before anything or anyone else. Sarty has trouble with this though due to his father’s actions. Sarty’s father has been burning barns. At the time a family’s barn was their way of life. So what Sarty’s father was doing was a big deal. The conflict between Sarty and his father is so strong because Abner Snopes, Sarty’s dad, puts such an emphasis on being loyal to the family at whatever cost. Sarty stays conflicted over loyalty to his family or loyalty to what is right until he gets his freedom. Sarty respects his father and is very loyal to his family. This is part of the conflict because, “Sarty struggles to understand his father 's downward spiral of anger,” (Osborne 1) yet he stills knows Abner is very strict when it comes to family loyalty. Abner expects a lot, “Ab Snopes has created for the family from which he expects total loyalty.” (Skei 1). Not only is he strict about family loyalty but, “Abner Snopes is also depicted as a man who will not hesitate to evoke the power of fire against those who oppose him.” (Loges 1). Sarty admires his dad and wants to believe his father will do what is right and stop burning barns. He learns his father is not exactly what he thought he was. Just as Hans H. Skei states, “What is abundantly clear is that he is a person who sees no option but to turn to violence whenever he believes that he has been
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