Analysis Of Barn Burning By William Faulkner

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The Distant Relationship Between Father and Son in Barn Burning As a provider, father, and leader, being in that position have responsibilities to set an example to influence people that they look up to. The book "Barn Burning", by William Faulkner, the character Abner is in a position to carry out those responsibilities. Sarty, his son looks up to Abner as a father, provider, and leader, but faces an internal conflict in regards to his father 's actions. Faulkner portrays Abner, as a person that doesn 't get along very well with other people, other than his bloodline. On three separate occasions in "Barn Burning",he 's in conflict with people that he 's under contract with. The outcome are actions that complicate his family 's lives and well being. Abner 's selfish ways and actions, has created a distant relationship and decreased loyalty with Sarty his son. The loyalty to his father Abner, is tested when he is brought before the justice. Sarty has a choice to make, either tell the truth or go against being loyal to his father. The thoughts in Sarty 's head are strong and portray Harris and Justice as the enemy. The discipline to stand and not give in to answering the Justice 's questions about his father burning the barn, demonstrated that his loyalty is strong. The beating that Sarty takes while on the way out to their wagon and the tears that fell down his mothers face because of the beating, says a lot about how close and loyal they are early in this story.
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