Analysis Of Bartolome De Las Casas, The Devastation Of The Indes

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“Essay of Bartolomé de las Casas, The Devastation of the Indes” This document takes into full account the chaos that the native people experienced when Christopher Columbus first came in 1492. It was written to cover the internal workings of this seemingly dark time in history. A significant amount of the land was destroyed and demolished and the people native to the land were immediately taken captive and forced into labor and slavery. There only importance to them was to give Columbus and the people with him knowledge to where they could find reasonable amounts of gold, the main reason for Columbus wanting to make the voyage in the first place. In my point of view or perspective, the document is trying to capture the full extent of the various spectrums of human personality and character. My take on it is that it conveys the spectrum of human greed and the lengths we may go to achieve all the monetary gains we desire. It also displays how humanity will resort to dehumanizing humanity to achieve something that may not even be of much worth in the long run. Instead of cooperating with them, Columbus and the Spanish settlers decided to take advantage of them utilizing the native people’s primary weakness which was their generosity and compassion. This particular event made up of smaller events was actually a major starting point for other European countries in exploring foreign land in order to acquire and import goods that would heavily benefit trade and the country…

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