Analysis Of ' Beauty And The Beast '

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Beauty And The Beast focuses on the almost pitied love Beauty acquires for the Beast despite his horrible outward appearance and aggressive first impression. The clearest indication of psychoanalytical criticism is found in the main character Beauty, the humble and favorite daughter to a once wealthy merchant. For Beauty, the Beast who she once feared, has become someone she cares for and empathizes with despite the reasoning behind her imprisonment. After a period of time, love, virtue and a transformation of the heart will lead to a lifetime of happiness. Beauty in this story is a perfect example of Freud’s Electra complex. The female version of the Oedipal complex, where the female is in competition with her mother for possession of the father. Beauty’s mother is not accounted for in the story, so there is a definite “daddy’s girl” affect on the relationship between the two, however she does have to share him with her older sisters. Despite this, her relationship with her father is stronger than any of the other sisters and brothers. Not only was she the most beautiful of the sisters, she was also the most sensible, intelligent, and virtuous. This connected her closer with her father because he understood her selfless, kind, respectable acts. To Beauty, her father was everything. He was an honest, hard-working man, and Beauty did everything she could for him. Beauty spent hours working in and around the house in an effort to make her father’s life easier. Beauty’s

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