Analysis Of ' Beauty And The Beast '

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“Beauty and The Beast” is a classic well known romantic Disney movie that depicts the gender role of men and women in society. The film is based upon a smart young female protagonist named Belle who is imprisoned by a self-centered young prince after he has been turned into a beast. They both learn to love each other in the end and throughout the film there are several examples shown portraying the roles of gender. In the film the main characters Gaston and the Beast portray themselves as rude, conceited and more important than the woman even though the main character Belle is a woman whom is considered odd, yet smart, and unrelated to most women in society. There are various types of men in this film that are considered well known and conceited, divergent but captivating or are just avoided based on their appearance. Firstly, there is the stereotypical antagonist Gaston, seen as a symbol of perfection by everyone in town. Belle, who he pursues, for her to become “his little wife”, however, is not interested because of his conceited and assertive behavior. Gaston’s mindset is similar to most of the men in society who still value the thought of forcing themselves upon a woman even after rejection to change the mind of the women so they will not feel ineffectual. Then there is the beast who is considered similar to the typical male gender. He was once a young prince who had everything he desired yet he was unkind and selfish which any gender would be based on their

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