Analysis Of Becoming Ms Burton

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The time has finally arrived to say goodbye to Becoming Ms. Burton. After finishing the book, I felt like I connected more to Ms. Burton than people my own age. A part of me saw pieces of myself through Susan’s experiences, specifically the ones she had during the lower points in her life. I also saw myself in Ms. Burton, especially where she is embracing change and accepting help from others. Even though Ms. Burton and I share no explicit similarities, except our gender, her story was still is able to resonate with me on an emotional level. How did Ms. Burton accomplish this: to successfully tell her story where anyone from any cultural background, gender, and skin color can relate to her? To begin, Becoming Ms. Burton doesn’t start on chapter 1, but instead begins in the prologue; it starts at Ingrid’s story. After the prologue, the book moves from Ingrid’s story being told by Susan, to the reader being directly addressed in chapter 1 by Susan. The language switches from “I” usage to “you”, a way to engage the reader, putting them into Susan’s shoes. This is the hook that is used to grab the audiences’ attention. Once the attention is captured, the story transitions onto Susan’s life story. Even though it’s focused on Susan’s early childhood and her life prior to becoming Ms. Burton, the story itself is much more than Susan’s. There are layers, many layers, involved in Susan’s story. It can be read, by only looking at the outer, weak layer, where the reader is only
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