Analysis Of Behind The Beautiful Forevers

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Over the course of this semester our Sociology class was required to read Behind the Beautiful Forever’s. Throughout the novel the characters stories are singled out in order for readers to have a better understanding of the challenges they faced. The novel begins in Mumbai in the slums of Annawadi where the main characters are introduced. The novel then goes into detail about the struggles these people are going through because of the poverty they live in. It is heartbreaking to read because their situations only seem to get worse. The people of Annawadi are affected negatively by the local and global changes. Although it seems all hope is lost it does not stop them from dreaming big and working hard. With positive attitudes and having the want to change anything is possible, and the people of Annawadi can change their situations. Behind the Beautiful Forever’s is a landmark novel of people working for a better life when all odds are against them. Research Paper in Sociology: Behind the Beautiful Forever’s The novel begins in the Mumbai slums where it is every man for themselves. People live on top of one another near an international airport and luxury hotels. The living conditions are harsh, and people must be thrifty scavengers in order to survive and overcome the challenges. It is difficult because it seems everyone is taking advantage of the slum residence and taking away opportunities for them to better themselves. One of the main characters is Abdul
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