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Cultural appreciation
“Being Country” by Bobby Anne Mason is a recollection of childhood memories that are told by a young girl who wants something more out of her life. Throughout her story she mentions how she does not want to stay living the way her family does. She disagrees with the way her mother and grandmother have lived considering she hated depending on life of farming. She repeatedly expressed how much she thought her life at home was plain in comparison to the ways of the town people. Bobby was often immersed by the way she thought the people in town would live; how even the food and writing in the stores were fancy and tastier than the food from home. This essay reminded me of how society infers affairs of people they do not
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One afternoon she decided to show me one of her favorite music videos. I was immediately entranced with the vocals and clear dance moves this group showed. Each syllable of every word was perfectly matched to its high or low note ending in a harsh and smooth finish. Menna soon realized I was amazed so we continued to listen to their music and watch their videos. After I became involved in their fan support system, also known as a fandom, I also became interested in Korean dramatic television shows and the idealistic Korean styles that are portrayed through the media.
Provided this, I began to notice as I would scroll through social media platforms, such as twitter, that non-Asians overly emphasized specific aspects of Asian society. For example, many would only recognize anime as strictly Japanese and dramatic shows as Korean dramas, when in reality every culture and race has dramatic television shows just as in the United States or Turkey. I often recognized this confusion of knowledge occurring often on twitter or Instagram. As very stereotypical and frankly racist remarks would be exposed by the supposed fans on specific people, or about specific shows where many people often saw nothing wrong with how they were being portrayed. While others commented about how all of Asians are the same others tried to explain how they actually live like. Therefore as I continued to explore

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