Analysis Of Beloved By Toni Morrison

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An Analysis of Beloved as a Portrayal of American History Toni Morrison’s 1988 Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, Beloved is clearly a work of well deserved literary acclaim. It has been hailed as one of the most revolutionary, poetic, and poignant pieces of modern American literature. The work is characterized by it’s portrayal of the “Slave Narrative” and follows the strife of former slave and mother: Sethe as she is tormented by the memories of her past, the haunting of her home, and the appearance of this enigmatic woman who is dubbed Beloved. The work as a piece of literature is truly genius but, is it a good representation of Post-Civil War America from the perspective of a former slave? Before that question can be answered the work…show more content…
Sethe takes all of her children and flees to a shed where she attempts to murder them all, rather than letting them return to a life of slavery. She is only able to kill her daughter by slitting her throat with a saw blade and when her daughter was buried her tombstone says the word “Beloved” which unveils the fact that Beloved is Sethe’s daughter reborn. This causes Paul D to leave Sethe’s home as he can stomach being there any longer. He travels to around during his time away from her home. This is a painful time for him as he loves Sethe and wanted to start a family with her, but he can’t after learning what she has done. Sethe whole heartedly believes that Beloved is her dead daughter and she attempts to spoil Beloved due to her own internalized guilt. Beloved grows bigger and bigger as Sethe follows her every demand while she herself begins to whither away. This parasitic relationship continues on for some time as Denver tries to get help for her mother. She goes into town, where all have shunned her mother due to her committing infanticide yet, Denver convinces the townswomen to aid in their plight. The women all come to Denver’s home and bring Sethe and Beloved outside. While there Sethe sees the man who her daughter has been working for and attempts to attack him as she flashback to when she was almost taken back to the plantation. Beloved who is naked and pregnant on the porch disappears after the women finish their exorcism. The novel ends
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