Analysis Of Ben Jonson 's ' Of An Age, But For All Time '

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Ben Jonson wrote Shakespeare “was not of an age, but for all time,” representing how 21st century ideas and themes can be connected back to the time when 1 Henry IV was written. One contemporary issue displayed in the play is a phenomenon known as helicopter parenting. According to Webster’s Dictionary, a helicopter parent is when a parent is very involved in a child’s life. Parents will often put expectations on their children to achieve certain dreams parents have of their kids. Thus, putting a tremendous amount of anxiety and stress on their children. This idea is demonstrated throughout the play between King Henry and Prince Hal. King Henry expects his son to act a certain way, to take his role in the kingdom seriously and be focused on the kingdom and the duties he serves to the kingdom. Looking at two examples from the text, one can identify the transformation of the test to 21st century problem of parents pressuring kids to attend college or act a certain way. Throughout the play King Henry would like his son, Prince Hal, to act a certain way. The King wants Prince Hal to act royal and responsible, like Hotspur. Instead, Prince Hal decides to act out and represent immature behavior with his sidekick Falstaff. King Henry states, “See riot and dishonor stain the brow of my young Harry. O, that it could be proved that some night tripping fairy had exchanged in cradle clothes our children where they lay, and called mine Percy, his Plantagenet!” (I, I, 87-89). The King

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