Analysis Of Benjamin Barker 's ' The Worst Pies '

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Benjamin Barker is fed up with the world and he has good cause. After fifteen years of unwarranted exile, he returns to 19th century London bent furiously on revenge for one Judge Turpin. Before he was shipped to an Australian disciplinary colony, he had a fair life as a London barber, a beautiful wife, and a baby girl. Enter Judge Turpin who pursues Lucy Barker with one thing on his mind. To eliminate the competition, he exiles Benjamin on a false charge, leaving Lucy to fend for herself and their young daughter. Through the story of Mrs. Lovett, a woman struggling to sell her meat pies coined as “the worst pies in London”, Benjamin learns that the corrupt judge lured Lucy to his home and raped her. Exeunt Benjamin Barker and enter…show more content…
In this case, the answer is death by murder. In Wait, Sweeney frantically asks an unconcerned Mrs. Lovett, “What about the judge? When will I get to him?” The entire musical is about Sweeney breaking the moral law. In the artistically stunning Epiphany, many of his Machiavellian characteristics are made clearer than they previously may have been. He sings, “And I will get him back (the Judge who has escaped death) even as he gloats. In the meantime I’ll practice on less honorable throats.” Clearly, this means he plans to murder everyone who comes into his tonsorial parlor. He is breaking the moral law that prohibits murder and instating his own law that allows him to, in the name of vengeance, slaughter innocents. One would have to be shrewd to murder innocents without notice and send their corpses down to the bakehouse for Mrs. Lovett to make meat pies to sell in her shop. From the moment, he steps off the ship that has rescued him from sea, Sweeney proves himself to be cunning. One particular instance of craftiness comes when the street charlatan and Sweeney’s former assistant, Daniel O’Higgins, comes to the shop, intending to blackmail him. Daniel brings his orphan and rather simple assistant, Toby, with him. The scene plays out with Daniel attempting to blackmail Sweeney for half of his earnings. Sweeney strangles him and, as he hears Toby coming up the stairs, stuffs Daniel into a truck. Here we see the true cunning of Sweeney

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